A Patient's Guide: Linking a Health Record to an MCC Account

The MyCareCorner (MCC) patient portal provides patients with access to their electronic health record. Once you have an MCC account, you will need an invitation code to link your health record and those of your family members to your MyCareCorner account. Contact your healthcare provider (hospital or clinic) to request a registration invitation for MyCareCorner.

To Link Health Records to Your Account

Once you have created a MCC account, you can then link your and your family's health records to your MyCareCorner account.

  1. Once you receive the registration invitation for MyCareCorner, click the link in the email or enter the URL into your browser window.

  1. The MyCareCorner page is launched. Click Continue.


  1. The MyCareCorner Account screen is displayed. Enter your Email and Password and click Sign In. NOTE: You created this email and password combination when following the steps in the Self Registration/Create Account in MCC section.

  1. To confirm your identity, enter your date of birth and click Submit.

  1. A question is displayed: Do you already have a MyCareCorner account? Select Yes.

  2. An "invitation to access" page is displayed with the name of the person’s health record that you are accessing.

  1. If the invitation is for you and your health record is listed, select it and click Finish. If you are managing another person’s health record, you will need to create a new record. Click Create New Record.

It is important to note that multiple patients can be set up under one account (or email address/password combination) so that spouses and/or children can be accessed from a single account holder.

  1. Enter the information about the person whose health information you are managing (this may be you or someone else). Enter their first name, last name, sex, and date of birth (you may also enter their relationship to you) and press the Next button. Your account and health record is now created.

  1. Click Home to go to the MyCareCorner patient portal home page.