A Patient's Guide to Self-Registration

The MyCareCorner patient portal provides patients with access to their electronic health record. You, as the patient, can self-register for the MyCareCorner patient portal by going to MyCareCorner.net and creating an account. Once you have an account, you will need an invitation code (as seen in Step 8 in the Self-Registration section) to access your health record and those of your family members. Contact your healthcare provider (hospital or clinic) to request a registration invitation for MyCareCorner.


Health Record Access


1.     To self-register, enter MyCareCorner.net into your browser window.

2.     The Welcome page is displayed. In the New User section, click Sign Up.

3.     The Create Account screen is displayed.

4.     Enter your First Name, Last Name, Sex, and Date of Birth.

5.     Enter the Email and Password that will be used to manage this account. Then, enter the characters you see in the CAPTCHA field.

6.     Click the link to read the Terms and Conditions of the patient portal. Check the I agree to the Terms and Conditions box and click Create Account.

7.     To complete your account setup, verify your record access and click Allow.


8.     The Patient Dashboard is displayed. To obtain access your health record, contact your healthcare provider (hospital or clinic) and request a registration invitation for MyCareCorner.

Health Record Access

1.     Once you receive the registration invitation for MyCareCorner, click the link in the email or enter the URL into your browser window.

2.     The MyCareCorner page is launched. Click Continue.


3.     The MyCareCorner Account screen is displayed. Enter your Email and Password and click Sign In. 

4.     To confirm your identity, enter your date of birth and click Submit.

5.     The Information Transfer page is displayed. To complete the information transfer, click Allow.

6.     The Access Approved screen is displayed. Click Home.

7.     As the Patient Dashboard is displayed, a Your Data is Loading message is displayed. Once the message disappears, refresh your browser and your health record will be displayed.